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Figures Series

Figures Series is the umbrella title for a collection of works ranging across participatory performances, choreographic scores, reviews, writings and interviews. Figures Series questions what 21st century choreography is and what it can do. Figures Series operates across and between dance, visual arts and participatory practices. Website

Figures Series includes two participatory performance works - Breathing Line: gifts for the future and Ah kissing

Breathing Line
image credit Kylie Hough

Breathing Line - gifts for the future
is a kinetic human sculpture that leaves behind a trail of gold. In an oddly meditative and quietly rhythmic group action, performers process through the market leaving behind a trail of gold – £1000 in gold coins. The trail leads to the Breathing Line market stall.

At the market stall the public are invited to unmake the work – to take away a gift of 10 gold coins. In return they are asked to undertake a positive action that costs nothing. The market stall is a space for discussion around what kind of action might be ‘positive.’ It invites reflections around our transactions in the world, the value we place on time and the economy of the gift.

Breathing Line premiere
Sneinton Market Nottingham 9 September 2017
Performance 11.30am. Stall and installation till 2pm

Ah kissing


Ah kissing is a public art work performed by the public in public spaces. It is a deceptively simple work that operates through the choreography of the attention of many kissing couples. Ah kissing emerges gradually, quietly inscribing itself into the existing environment, as one by one couples gather and begin to kiss. They move slowly between kissing, gazing and holding, their attention continuously on each other. Resisting an overtly sexual expression, the work both enacts and evokes the commonality of human connection. After a while the kissing couples, one by one, separate and gradually depart, melting again into the city’s movements.

Ah kissing performances
DanceLive Festival Aberdeen October 2017
Buzzcut Glasgow April 2017
Nottdance Nottingham March 2017

More about these works at Figures Series website here

Ah kissing and Breathing Line are commissioned and produced by Dance4
Figures Series is funded by Arts Council England